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The Matadors – Shotgun from album “The Matadors”, 1968, Supraphon 0130493/1130493 (mono/stereo), Supraphon/Artia SUA13992/SUAST53992 (mono/stereo), reissued 1995 on CD Bonton 710244-2 produced by Jaromír Tůma original LP sleeve, export reissue sleeve Between 1966 and 1968 the Matadors belonged to the […]


František Ringo Čech Group – Bafff (Jingo) from album “Báječní muži”, 1975, Supraphon 1131776 original LP sleeve (front/back) František “Ringo” Čech (1943) is not only a “bigbít” veteran and a living legend, he is also one of the most controversial […]


Olympic – Everybody from album “Pták Rosomák”, 1969, Supraphon 1130589 (stereo) or 0130589 (mono), Supraphon 100589-1311 (vinyl reissue 1990) produced by Jaromír Tůma original 1969 LP sleeve, 1990 reissue sleeve Everybody seems to be dying lately… Last Sunday another friend […]