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Content updates


Detailed pricing for my audio editing and mastering service is now available under audio/pricing.html

Also, I’m relaunching my guitar tutor career after a break of 18 years. The conditions and pricing are available in German only.

Last but not least, on the shop page you can now subscribe to the RSS feed from my Discogs online record store.

Blog redesign


Finally I took the challenge and dived into a new territory called PHP. My head is swirling from all the question marks, parentheses, ifs and gets, but eventually I was able to figure out how to program a simple WordPress Theme for private use with my Funky Czech-In blog and make it match my standard page layout. Frankly, in terms of functionality it’s still a pretty basic theme at this moment, and not all previously available WordPress features have been implemented yet. For example, comments are currently defunct and disabled for the time being. But the old comments are not lost, and incidentally the last few comments are readable in Firefox via the comments RSS feed.

Website redesign


Welcome to | version 2.0. The site has been completely rebuilt using simple and clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. The content is now outlined on the front page, the subpages are more focused. At this time only the English language content is available. However, feel free to contact me auf Deutsch, česky nebo slovensky.


My old website was originally launched in 2000. Until now it was based on a web design concept developed in 2001 that remained essentially unchanged since 2004. It is currently still online at

Funky Czech-In blog reactivation


While the Funky Czech-In blog has always remained available at, in 2010 it became uneditable after the orginal blogging software provider terminated some of its online services. Eventually I was able to transfer the content to the WordPress blogging software and thus reinstated the content editing features. The present blog layout is just a temporary solution though – a so called “quick’n’dirty” hack of a standard WordPress template – to roughly match my basic website appearance. Some links may also still be non-functional or simply outdated, so feel free to post a comment on the respective page if you should encounter an error.