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suck that jam

The IQ-R Arkestra performs «Suck That Jam – The Noise From The Inside»

The IQ-R Arkestra
«Suck That Jam – The Noise From The Inside»

poster Suck That Jam 22 May 1993
original poster artwork © 1993 Lukáš Machata

Part One (40:05)

  • The 1st Movement (10:25)
  • The 2nd Movement (5:32)
  • The 3rd Movement (12:28)
  • The 4th Movement (9:52)
  • End Credits & Standing Ovations (1:48)

(free improvisation based on a concept and rough arrangement by Lukáš Machata)

Part Two (4:41)

  • Introduction (0:46)
  • Das Schnulz (3:55)

(free improvisation)

Part Three (21:08)

  • Suck The Blues (9:04)
  • Einstürzende Wohnhäuser (12:04)

(free improvisation)

The Intelligence Quotient Recession Arkestra was:

Fenja (voice), Christina (voice), Giovanni (voice), Luc (voice, percussion), Cordelia (violin, noise-bass) , Chäschpu (flute), Chrigu (flute, piano, voice), Lisette (tenor sax), Tom (trumpet), Sandra (classical piano), Tinu (piano), René (noise-guitar), Lukáš (guitar, bass, percussion, blues harp, voice, conductor), Peter (bass, guitar), Detti (bass), Sandro (percussion, metal objects, drums, blues harp, voice), Reni (percussion), Renat (metal objects), Gere (drums), Urs (offset print machine), Nathalie (sound engineer) & some more…

Technical stuff:

  • Performed live on 22 May 1993 at Dachstock Reitschule Bern.
  • Recorded on a lo-fi 2-track cassette recorder from the mixing console.
  • Live mix by Nathalie.
  • Mastered to DAT in March 1996 by Lukáš Machata.
  • Digitized, restored and remastered in January 2024 by Lukáš Machata.
Suck That Jam 19930522 Arrangement Lead Sheet
original 1993 arrangement idea and lead sheet

© & ℗ 1993
a C.I.D. (Collective Identity Distortion / Chaos im Dachstock) production
This remaster © & ℗ 2024

original artwork © 1993 Lukáš Machata for LaYout & DeSign Reithalle Bern

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