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Interlude: Beautiful losses

This week I’m in Prague again. While reading the newspapers a couple of minutes ago I’ve noticed in the TV guide that today ČT2 broadcasts a new episode from Michal Prokop’s talkshow Krásný ztráty (Beautiful losses). His guests tonight at 20:00 CEST are organist Marián Varga (who already appeared on Funky Czech-In as a sideman of Pavol Hammel) as well as the rock journalist Vojtěch Lindaur. The drawback for many of you will be, however: no subtitles. Usually not much “third party” video material is being used, so it’s a plain talk only – knowledge of the Czech language is therefore required. By the way, in case you’d miss it tonight on TV, you can still watch the broadcasting anytime on ČT’s Krásný ztráty homepage.

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  1. Sermo

    Thanks a lot for this information. As a foreigner who’s trying to learn the Czech language it’s so great to know where to find Czech TV broadcasts. Right now I don’t have too much time, so I only checked the first few minutes of the interview on ČT 2, but I’ll keep an eye on that…

  2. sermo

    Ah, and forgot something… Czech courses and coursebooks should really include some hovorová čeština in their curriculum, so that foreigners wouldn’t be too astonished to see a program titelled Krásný ztráty instead of the expected Krásné ztráty ;-)

  3. Lou Kash

    It’s likely that within a couple of generations lots of slang phrases will become the standard. I’ve read recently that already these days many Czech local idioms have disapeared for good and that “pražština” is becoming more and more the general dialect.

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